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Who We Are

Compulsion Reads LLC was created by two spunky girls, Jessica Bennett and Leslie Ramey, who love to read indie authors. Go figure. We also happen to be indie authors ourselves who saw a gaping need in the self-published book market.

We put our heads together and realized that the best way to help ourselves and other indie authors was to give readers a legitimate way to find the best self-published books on the market.

And lo, Compulsion Reads was created.

We think this could be big for readers and for indie authors.


So, you might be wondering what experience we have that would make us suitable to create this company and to evaluate other people's books. Well, the short answer is that we are passionate readers and indie authors who understand the difficulties of being those things. As writers, we struggle with finding readers who want to try new authors. As readers we have battled through poorly written books that made us feel cheated out of our time and money. Basically, we are the customers Compulsion Reads means to serve.

But for those of you looking for more substantial credentials here you go:

  • We are award-winning writers
  • We have been professional journalists
  • We’ve written articles that were published in international magazines
  • One of us has a degree in English, and we have both studied/are studying creative writing
  • We have worked as a marketer and an editor at independent publishing houses
  • We have attended multiple writer’s conferences
  • We actively participate in industry discussions, events, and writers groups
  • We are professional marketers who have worked with major brands

Jessica Bennett

Jessica Bennett is a professional copywriter, copyeditor, and indie author. She has a strong marketing, public relations, and communications background.

Jessica has self-published two paranormal novels, a follow-up novella, and several satirical short stories under the name J Bennett. She is currently putting the finishing touches on book three in her paranormal series. She celebrates writers everywhere who have the courage to share their words with the world. She can also do backflips. Give her a couple of drinks and she’ll be happy to show you.

If Jessica was shipwrecked on a desert island, the three things she would wish for were her Kindle, a working outlet and a hammock.

Leslie Ramey

Leslie Ramey is an internet marketer who adores social media. She thrives on interacting with people all across the world and is very vocal about her Twitter and Facebook addiction. You can find Leslie working on a manuscript or reading a book every day. Leslie has self-published a novella and an Amazon best-selling short story (the story spent over eight weeks on Amazon’s romance best-seller list). She is working on book one in a serial paranormal romance that she plans to publish by 2013. The opening of the indie market has inspired her to shoot for the goal of being a fulltime writer. She knows the road is not easy, but she is encouraged to push forward every time someone downloads one of her works.

If Leslie was shipwrecked on a desert island, the three things she would wish for were her iPhone (she’d have music, books and games for her entertainment), solar charger, and a high quality Leatherman.