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Frequently Asked Questions 


What is Compulsion Reads?

Compulsion Reads seeks to encourage higher readership of indie authors by providing a quality standard for independently published novels. The Compulsion Reads Endorsement is given to those books that pass an evaluation process based on the fundamental qualities of good storytelling. The Compulsion Reads Endorsement standard was created to protect authors and readers and to help strengthen the overall indie market.

Read the Compulsion Reads Mission

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Who’s behind Compulsion Reads?

Compulsion Reads was created by Jessica Bennett and Leslie Ramey, both successful business owners and indie authors. Learn more about Jessica and Leslie.

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How does Compulsion Reads evaluate and endorse books, and what are the evaluation criteria?

At Compulsion Reads, we want every author to fully understand our evaluation criteria before they submit their novel. That’s why we not only fully explain our endorsement process; we also list the exact criteria we use to evaluate novels.

We also encourage all authors to read our explanation of What The Compulsion Reads Endorsement Means as well as our Read Before You Submit page.

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Does everyone who pays get a Compulsion Reads Endorsement?

Submitting a book to Compulsion Reads in no way guarantees our endorsement. Each and every work is carefully reviewed by our trained evaluators using the Compulsion Reads evaluation criteria. The whole purpose of our endorsement process is to provide a quality bar for the indie publishing market. Unfortunately, not every novel meets that bar. In fact, as of this writing, only about half of all submissions have earned the Compulsion Reads Endorsement.

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What's the purpose of the Compulsion Reads Endorsement?

The Compulsion Reads Endorsement indicates that a novel meets our unique quality standard. This means we think the book contains all the important elements of craft to appeal to readers of that genre.

Our endorsement is signified by the Compulsion Reads Seal, which knowledgeable readers can easily identify on the cover of an endorsed book. This indicates to the reader that the novel has been judged positively by a third-party, non-affiliated source.

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What types of books does Compulsion Reads accept?

Compulsion Reads accepts all genres of fiction except for children's picture books (we do accept middle grade fiction and YA with open arms). We also accept creative nonfiction (defined as non-fiction written in a narrative or story form). We do not accept poetry, screenplays, or nonfiction outside of creative nonfiction. At this time we only accept manuscripts written in English. (See our Submission Guidelines)

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How much does it cost to submit a book for evaluation?

The price of our evaluation depends on the length of the book and starts at $19.99. Prices can be found on our Pricing page.

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How long until I know if my book was endorsed?

We ask that you allow us up to five weeks to evaluate your work. As soon as your book's evaluation is complete, you will receive an email notice from Compulsion Reads indicating whether or not your book received our endorsement

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Will getting the Compulsion Reads Endorsement help me find an agent or publisher?

Receiving the Compulsion Reads Endorsement means that your book meets our quality standards. This bodes well for your book, but in no way guarantees that you will be able to find an agent or a publisher. Agents are notoriously fickle creatures who receive loads and loads of query letters each day. The chance of any one author getting represented is very slim, which is one reason why so many decide to take their publishing destiny in their own hands and self-publish (not that we’re biased or anything).

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Will getting the Compulsion Reads Endorsement help me sell more books?

That’s the hope. While we cannot guarantee that receiving the Compulsion Reads Endorsement will help you sell more books, it certainly can’t hurt. Having our seal on your book’s cover will show readers that you’ve met our quality standard and will help you stand out in a very crowded marketplace.

In addition, Compulsion Reads consistently works to market our endorsed books and to bring readers to our Endorsed Books Library. Learn about all the ways Compulsion Reads supports our endorsed books.

In the end, however, the real responsibility lies with you. Receiving a Compulsion Reads Endorsement is a valuable part of your book marketing process, but it is only a small piece. Your success on building your readership will depend a lot on the quality of your novel and the amount of effort you spend getting the word out. Make sure to regularly read our blog and newsletter for advice on how to get the most out of the Compulsion Reads Endorsement.

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Can I submit my novel if it's already been published?

Yes. We accept published and unpublished novels for evaluation. If your published book earns our endorsement, we can add it directly to our Endorsed Books Library along with buy links.

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Can I submit my novel if it hasn't been published yet?

Yes. You may choose to submit your manuscript for evaluation before you self-publish your novel or before you submit it to agents and publishers. In fact, putting your manuscript through our evaluation process could be a means of helping you decide if your novel is ready for publication. If you do not receive our endorsement, this may indicate your novel is not quite there yet (though the decision to publish is entirely up to you, of course).

If you receive the Compulsion Reads Endorsement before your novel is published, we will not be able to put it in our Endorsed Books Library. When your novel is commercially available, please let us know so we can add you promptly.

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Do you endorse books that have been traditionally published?

Yes. We can evaluate your novel if it has been traditionally published and/or if you currently have agency representation.

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Do you provide book reviews?

Compulsion Reads primarily provides a book evaluation and book endorsement service, which seeks to be as objective as possible. However, we do write short reviews for each book that we endorse, which may be included on the endorsed book’s page in our Endorsed Book Library. We also post the review on the major online publishing sites where the book is available.

Learn more about our Book Review Service.

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What happens if my book doesn't get endorsed?

Unfortunately, not every submission we receive meets the Compulsion Reads endorsement criteria. If we decide not to endorse your novel, it simply means that you cannot put our endorsement seal on your book’s cover or claim to be endorsed by us.

If your book doesn’t receive our endorsement, we will send you an email notification, the evaluation sheet used to evaluate your manuscript, and a code for a free resubmission. The evaluation sheet will let you see exactly what endorsement standard or standards your book did not meet. In addition, the sheet will contain constructive feedback from the evaluator providing context for their decision. We ask that you take this feedback for exactly what it is – a useful perspective meant to help you improve your writing.

You are allowed to edit and re-submit your novel for free the first time it does not receive our endorsement within 60 days of receiving your evaluation results. 

Before re-submitting your novel, we strongly advise that you work on those areas of your novel that did not meet our endorsement standards and consider the feedback provided by the evaluator. 

Authors may submit their novel for evaluation a total of three times. The first resubmission is free (if submitted within 60 days). A second resubmission will be charged the full submission price.

Learn more about the Compulsion Reads Evaluation Process.

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Do you have samples of books that didn't get endorsed?

Yes. We're big on letting authors know exactly how they're going to be evaluated. That's why we offer samples of works that did not receive a Compulsion Reads Endorsement as well as a sample of an endorsed work. For each sample we provide the evaluation sheet used to evaluate that work as well as a supplemental explanation. See Our Samples.

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If my book doesn't get endorsed, do I get a refund?

All submissions are final regardless of whether or not your novel receives the Compulsion Reads Endorsement. We review every single submission, and our evaluators deserve to be compensated for their time and effort. If your book does not earn our endorsement you may revise your book and re-submit at no cost within 60 days. You can read an explanation of why we charge for our services on our pricing page.

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Do you evaluate short stories and novellas?

Yes. We also evaluate short stories and novellas. If the work is under 25,000 words, it will fall under our lowest pricing category.

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Do you evaluate novels that are part of a series?

Yes. We do accept novels that are part of a series. We believe that if a book is written well enough, it can stand on its own even if it is the first, second, or last book in an extended series. If your series book does not stand alone well, (i.e. if our evaluator finds it too confusing), they will not endorse it.

The Compulsion Reads Endorsement can only be applied to the novel that was evaluated and endorsed. Each book in a series must be submitted for evaluation separately.

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Can I become a Compulsion Reads reviewer?

We are currently not hiring Compulsion Reads reviewers. When a position opens up, we will add a notice on our Become a Reviewer page. Check back regularly for updates.

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