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The Compulsion Reads Mission

The Compulsion Reads LLC mission in a nutshell is this: Support the indie book movement. Support good books. Give readers the excuse they need to try a new author.

We show our support by offering something the indie book industry desperately needs: quality standards.

Yeah, we said it. The publishing revolution is great, don’t get us wrong. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Lulu, and the like have thrown open the doors for all authors. For the first time, any author anywhere can publish their work and finally get it in the hands of readers without an agent or a big publishing house behind them.

But you can see how this would cause a problem, right? While many indie authors produce exceptional work, others…well, not so much. This becomes an issue when thousands and thousands of authors publish their indie books, flooding the market with novels of vastly differing quality. Readers get overwhelmed and burned out after buying a few low quality books, and the self-publishing stigma sticks like gum on the bottom of your shoe.

Enter Compulsion Reads. We’ve developed a clean and simple endorsement protocol, meant to shine the spotlight on good self-published books and protect readers from those that are not yet ready for the marketplace.

That’s the gist of our business. We want to be the quality standard for the indie book market. We think, in the end, this will be a very good thing for indie authors and the readers who want to buy their books.