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Marketing Your Authors Just Got A Little Easier

If You Are An Independent Publisher, Then You’ve Got A New Huge Fan – Us!

We know indie publishers are in the business due to passion, not the paycheck. You love authors. You love discovering a great story. You love, love, love giving that story wings so that it can fly from the nest and spread its awesomeness to readers everywhere.

Unfortunately those wings (i.e. book marketing for your authors) can be expensive and time-consuming, and you might be a little constrained on both. What you need is a nice lofty breeze to help your authors soar.

We Can Totally Be Your Breeze!

Book marketing is a huge challenge for indie publishers – most of whom have loads of passion but limited resources. Compulsion Reads offers a cost-effective and potentially powerful marketing avenue for your authors.

Not only is reader awareness of our book endorsement growing each day, but we’re committed to marketing the heck out of our endorsed authors. Did we mention that we offer discounts to indie publishers?

Here’s How We Work

In a nutshell, Compulsion Reads LLC evaluates and endorses indie books that meet our quality criteria. Those books that receive our endorsement earn our endorsement seal, which they can place on their book’s cover. We accept novels that have been published and those that are complete but have not yet been published. (See our submission guidelines)

From there, the book marketing whirlwind begins. Books endorsed by Compulsion Reads:

Additionally, endorsed authors receive a wide variety of opportunities to participate in our marketing campaigns and engage with the readers we bring to our site. In the past, we have handed out individual author bookmarks and t-shirts at big events, invited authors to include a promo announcement in our newsletter, and featured endorsed authors on our blog.

This is only the beginning. We are always bubbling with new ideas to get readers to our Endorsed Books Library so that every single one of our endorsed authors can succeed.

Indie Publisher Discount – Submit Four Books, And The Fifth Is Free

We want to make it as easy and cost-effective as possible for indie publishers to give their authors all the marketing support that Compulsion Reads offers. That’s why we’re extending a significant discount to indie publishers. For every four books that you submit for our evaluation, the fifth book is free*.

Please be aware that each manuscript you submit will go through our evaluation process and will need to meet our quality standards in order to receive our book endorsement. In other words, a Compulsion Reads Endorsement is not guaranteed!

Our backend system allows for indie publishers to create a unique account for their business and to submit manuscripts on behalf of multiple authors within that single account. Each endorsed author will be able to access their individual account but not the accounts of other authors that the publisher has submitted.

A Partnership That Lasts

At Compulsion Reads our goal is to become The Indie Book Quality Standard. Our brand is gaining some big attention, and readers are taking notice and specifically seeking out books that we have endorsed.

We’re committed to supporting the indie movement and to offering huge marketing value to talented authors at a reasonable price.

We’d love to make your acquaintance and to develop a strong partnership that will benefit your authors. Please feel free to roam around our site and explore our mission statement, endorsement criteria, and manifesto. Then, when you’re ready, you can start submitting your authors right away.

*Indie publishers who submit four novels of any length will receive a $59.99 credit toward their next submission. This will cover the complete submission cost of a manuscript up to 125,000 words in length. A small fee will apply to longer manuscripts.