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What The Compulsion Reads Book Endorsement Means

Our mission here at Compulsion Reads LLC is simple. We want to establish a quality standard for the indie book industry. A bar, so to speak.

Let’s take a step back and acknowledge that we humans are an opinionated bunch; especially when it comes to books. Get a group of passionate readers together in a room, ply them with a couple glasses of wine, and the arguments will start up immediately. Classic novels will get trashed. Some will fight to the death over the quality of the Twilight series. Even people who enjoyed the same book will find out they like it for completely different reasons.

So how in the world can we establish an objective book review and book endorsement standard?

Easy.Tent poles.

Even though the gamut of indie books on the market varies greatly in style, genre, pacing, and, well, pretty much everything, we believe that there are fundamental aspects of writing that all good stories share.

These are tent poles, and they include things like a clear and engaging plot, well-developed characters, and correct grammar/punctuation, among others.

If even a single pole is missing or is too weak to hold up the tent, the whole thing comes falling down. Same goes for a novel.

At Compulsion Reads, when we evaluate a book, what we’re really doing is searching for these tent poles and giving them a good push to make sure they’re sturdy. If the tent poles are all intact, we believe the novel has a good chance of appealing to readers of that genre and style.


The Importance of the Compulsion Reads Book Endorsement