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Book Reviews? Yeah, We Do That Now Too

When we (Leslie and Jessica) embarked on this whole crazy adventure to establish Compulsion Reads as the quality standard for indie and self-published books, our mission was to provide an objective quality endorsement that readers and authors could trust.

Some of our endorsed authors asked if we could also write reviews of their book, and we said, "No, no, we're an endorsement service. We're all about objectivity and establishing a fair and consistent quality standard."

And our endorsed authors said, "please."

And we said, "But reviews are totally subjective. It goes against everything-"

And our endorsed authors said "PUUUHH-LEEEASE!"

And we said, "Alright, fine!"

So, we do book reviews now.

The Compulsion Reads Book Review

Compulsion Reads offers a short review for each book that we endorse written by the book's evaluator. Since we're an upbeat and positive company, our book reviews will be upbeat and positive and will mostly focus on what we enjoyed about each book.

That being said, we also want to make sure our book reviews are honest and authentic, so we won't shy away from pointing out a book's weaknesses in a constructive manner.

Where The Book Review Goes

We recognize that book reviews are a powerful marketing tool and have a big impact on a reader's buying decision. Many authors struggle (especially when they first launch a book) to garner reviews for their book.

We're here to help! The book reviews we write for our endorsed authors will automatically be posted on their book's individual page in the Compulsion Reads library. We'll also post it on Goodreads and on any of the online retail sites the author included in their original submission.

If your book receives our endorsement before it is published, just let us know when it launches, and we'll post the review at that time.

Simmer Down – We Won't Post If You No Likey

Just because a book receives the Compulsion Reads Endorsement doesn’t mean it's perfect. While our reviews are meant to build up and celebrate our endorsed books, we still want to be honest, which means that we might point out areas where the book could be improved.

Don't take this the wrong way. We love you. We want you to succeed. Our goal is not to take a blow torch to your ego.

When we notify you that we have endorsed your book, we will also send you your evaluator's review. If you're not happy with your book's review, just let us know within four days of receiving the email, and we not post or share the review. It's as easy as that.

What we won't do is change our review or only take out the negative stuff. Our book reviews are final. It either all goes up or none of it does. Your choice. The only exception is that we will correct factual errors or grammatical and punctuation mistakes.

No Spazzing Please

We think it's important to just take a moment to clarify that there is a big difference between our endorsement and our book reviews.

The Compulsion Reads endorsement process was developed to be as objective as possible so that our evaluators can consistently and fairly apply our quality standards and endorse books which they themselves may not prefer on a personal level.

The book reviews written for our endorsed authors, however, are the subjective opinion of the evaluator. When it comes to the written review, we allow our evaluators a lot of freedom in what they say about the books they read.

Relax. Breathe. Your Compulsion Reads book review is just one person's opinion. Hopefully you'll love the review and be thrilled to see it go up all across the online universe. If you don't, then just politely ask that we don't post it and we won't.

In other words, no spazzing please. We offer book reviews as an added benefit for our endorsed authors. Please don't get offended and send us vicious hate mail that makes us cry.