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The Problem

Told as allegory

You’re an indie author who wants to hook up with readers. In the past, all the good clubs in town (traditional publishers) only let in a tiny amount of authors. Sure, they kept out the riffraff, but they also blocked good, talented authors like yourself from connecting with readers.

That’s changed. A new club opened up that’s rumored to be filled with readers. Best of all, Club Amazon is letting everyone in for FREE.

You take your time getting ready to go out, making sure your manuscript is critiqued, edited, and that its cover is dazzling. You know that if you just get half a chance, you’ll knock those readers over like bowling pins and get some coveted book sales.

When you get to the club, however, you find that the dance floor is packed so tight you can barely move. Looks like everyone had the same idea as you, although many of them aren’t half as prepared. Their manuscripts are sloppy and disheveled. You wonder if they even looked into the mirror before rushing down to the club to try to and get some book sales.

You try to connect with readers, but there are too many other authors in the way. The place is noisy and chaotic, and readers are getting fed up. It’s so hard for them to find quality authors that many are just giving up and leaving.

The self-publishing revolution is a good thing, but when anarchy reigns, nobody’s going home with book sales.

The Solution

Compulsion Reads LLC helps authors by endorsing indie and self-published books that meet a basic and (mostly) objective standard based on the fundamental components of good writing. (Our Review Standards Explained).

Our evaluation criteria can be applied to most genres of fiction and creative nonfiction.

Here’s how it works

  • You submit your book
  • Our trained book evaluators read it
  • If it meets our endorsement criteria, it gets a Compulsion Reads Book Endorsement
  • You’ll get to slap our shiny seal of approval on your book cover
  • Readers see the CR seal on your book’s cover, and they know your book has been vetted
  • We also do lots of cool stuff to help market your book and increase your book sales
  • More readers are willing to try your book = more book sales = very happy you
  • If your book does not receive our endorsement, we'll tell you exactly what standards it missed and allow you to edit and resubmit for a second evaluation for free. 

Here’s why it works

  • Readers need a way to find quality indie authors
  • Talented authors need a way to stand out from the large pool of mediocrity that exists today

Other Things Authors Should Know About Us

We don’t endorse everyone

In fact, Compulsion Reads endorses only around half the submissions we receive. By sticking to our high quality writing standards, we build and maintain the trust of readers who associate our book endorsement with quality novels. This is a good thing for our endorsed authors. It can even be a good thing for the authors whom we do not endorse.

We help make sure your book is ready

No one wants to fail, but if you self-publish your book before it’s ready, this is exactly what will happen. You’ll get poor book reviews, sell few books, and damage your reputation as an author. If we opt not to provide you with a book endorsement, we’ll include notes as to why we decided to pass. Not receiving our book endorsement is a red flag. It doesn’t mean your book is bad, only that it may need more work in order to have the best chance of realizing high book sales when you put it on the marketplace. Additionally, we allow authors to edit and resubmit their book one time for free, so you have two chances to earn our endorsement for the price of one submission.    

If you do get our book endorsement, that’s a good sign. A really good sign. Throw on some sunglasses, cause the future of your novel is looking bright.

We’re not big meanies

At Compulsion Reads, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We’re not agents. We don’t want to go back to the days of receiving enough rejections to wallpaper our office. We’re here to help you. We love indie authors (actually, we are indie authors ourselves), and we want all authors to succeed. We think the best way to do this is to help readers find quality indie and self-published authors and to provide a warning to authors if their book might not be ready for prime time just yet.

A note about that. We try very hard to be as objective as possible when performing book evaluations, but we’re human, and reading tastes are incredibly subjective. We’re very open about our book evaluation process and our endorsement criteria, and we strongly encourage you to take a look before submitting a manuscript for evaluation.

You should also take a look at our mission statement and get to know us a little better so you understand exactly why we think indie authors and their readers need Compulsion Reads.