SAN DIEGO, Dec 2012 – Grub Street Reads, a company that evaluates and endorses independently-published and self-published books that meet its strict quality standard has announced that it is changing the name of its company to Compulsion Reads effective December 7, 2012.


The name change stems from a trademark infringement claim that was launched against Grub Street Reads. Subsequent to the launch of Grub Street Reads in July of 2012, a separate company applied for a trademark for similar name and then sent a legal infringement complaint to Grub Street Reads. In response to the company’s agreement to change its name, the claim has been withdrawn.


“We named our company ‘Grub Street Reads’ after the historical Grub Street in England that was known for its hack writers and flophouses,” said company co-owner, Leslie Ramey. “Unfortunately, another company applied for the trademark after we launched and then claimed infringement. As a new startup trying to support the indie book movement, we are more interested in spending our revenues on marketing the books of our endorsed authors and establishing our endorsement as the quality standard for the indie book market than getting enmeshed in a long and expensive legal battle.”


“We feel that the complaint and the particular claims of infringement against our company were ill-founded and inaccurate,” added Jessica Bennett, the second co-owner. “However, we are committed to moving forward. As Compulsion Reads, our evaluation process and endorsement criteria will remain the same. We will are still the indie book quality standard, and our mission remains to help the indie and self-published authors that earn our quality endorsement to build their readership and their book sales.”


Compulsion Reads accepts independently-published and self-published fiction and creative nonfiction manuscripts for evaluation. The company’s evaluation system was developed to be as objective as possible. Submitted manuscripts are read by trained evaluators who assess them based on the following core storytelling principles: Plot, Characters, Pace, Accuracy, Grammar/Layout, and Overall Assessment. Manuscripts that meet these basic standards in each category earn the Compulsion Reads Endorsement. Authors may include the Compulsion Reads Seal on the cover of their endorsed novel, which are featured on the company’s website in the Compulsion Reads Endorsed Books Library. The price for an evaluation is based on the length of the submitted manuscript and starts at $14.99.


Additionally, Compulsion Reads provides a variety of marketing and advertising support for the novels the company endorses, which further enhances the value of the CR Seal. Along with transitioning to a new name, Compulsion Reads will now offer short upbeat reviews for each of its endorsed books, which the company will post to top online retail websites with the author’s permission.


“Obviously, the circumstances surrounding this transition are not ideal,” said Jessica Bennett, “but Leslie and I and our team are not about to let one little road block slow us down. We are in this for the long-haul, and we have every intention of moving forward under the Compulsion Reads banner and becoming a force in the indie book realm. It’s such an exciting time to be an indie or self-published author, and Compulsion Reads is going to be in the thick of things spotlighting the best indie authors so readers will come to correlate our endorsement seal with great talent and a great new read.”


Those interested in finding out more about Compulsion Reads, learning about the company’s evaluation process, submitting a manuscript for evaluation and/or accessing the company’s endorsed books library can visit



Compulsion Reads seeks to encourage higher readership of indie authors by providing a quality standard for independently published novels. The Compulsion Reads Endorsement is given to those books that pass an evaluation process based on the fundamental qualities of good storytelling. The company was created by indie authors Jessica Bennett and Leslie Ramey to protect authors and readers and help strengthen the overall indie market. For more information, visit


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