Want to Put Your Book in Front of 140,000 Passionate Readers at The Los Angeles Festival of Books?

lafob_largerOne of our goals at Compulsion Reads is to introduce as many of our endorsed indie authors as we can to book lovers all over the world. This year as one of our outreach events we will be introducing thousands of readers to our endorsed authors at the 18th annual Los Angeles Festival of Books. Keep reading to see how you can participate.

About The Los Angeles Festival Of Books

The festival was created to bring together the people who write books and the people who love to read them, which is one of the reasons we felt it would be a great venue for introducing our endorsed indie authors. The LA Festival of Books is now one of the biggest book fairs in the US with over 140,000 visitors over two days.  Last year big name authors like Ann Rice, Judy Bloom and T.C. Boyle along with a slew of book loving celebrities like Betty White, John Cusack and Molly Shannon were featured as guests and speakers.    We want to help our endorsed authors meet as many of these bookworms as possible, which is why we have secured a booth at this year’s event.

Join Us At The Los Angeles Festival Of Books

Are you ready to get your book in the hands of some of those voracious readers?  All of the books that have earned a Compulsion Reads Endorsement will be eligible to be featured in our booth at this year’s event.  We have put together an extensive plan to attract visitors to our booth as well as opportunities for local authors to meet and greet new readers. We will be hosting multiple book signings throughout the weekend, so if you live in the Southern California area or are willing to take a vacation around that time, we would love for you to be our guest at this event. To encourage people to stop by and say “hello” we will be doing prize drawings throughout the weekend. We are also putting together goodie bags filled with promo cards and flyers of all of our endorsed books so even after those lovely bookworms get home they won’t be able to forget about you and your book.

It’s Not Too Late To Take Advantage Of This Opportunity

If you want to get in on this opportunity, then all you need is to have a Compulsion Reads-endorsed book. If you haven’t already earned an endorsement, now is the time to submit your polished, completed manuscript for evaluation. The deadline to submit your book for evaluation in order to participate in the Los Angeles Festival of Books will be March 2, 2013. This time frame will give everyone plenty of time to get their book evaluated and come up with clever promo ideas or be added to our author signing schedule.  Okay, that’s enough chatting. Submit your book so we can add your book to our growing Endorsed Book Library and take it to the festival.

We are super excited about this opportunity and hope that you are as well. If you already have an endorsed book that you would like to have featured at this event be sure to check out this post that breaks down all of the options and deadline. Feel free to post comments or questions about the event below.



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