Go Paranormal This Halloween With Our Endorsed Paranormal Books Collection


All Hallows Eve is nearly upon us, which means our doorsteps are about to get haunted by…GASP mini Miley Cyrus impersonators! Oh, and maybe some ghosts, witches, and vampires too. But seriously, I’m much more terrified of Miley.

Sure, the inflatable yard pumpkins, fake spider webs, and plastic hands reaching out from the rosebushes are a nice touch, but if you really want to get into the Halloween spirit, why not dip into our endorsed paranormal books collection and see what witchery and magic you can find?

Our collection of endorsed indie paranormal books continues to grow, and we’ve got a lot of great selections to choose from. If you can’t decide between witches and vampires, then enjoy both in The Golden Apple of Discord by Lauren Hodges. Grave Doubts by Lynn Bohart adds a paranormal element to a murder mystery investigation. For those readers who want to get a little dark and dirty, Throne of the Idol by Ciaran Dwynvil is a gay, erotic novella involving a very naughty demon and monk.

Other tasty paranormal books to try include One Woman by Eva Marie Paulliere, Life: As Fragile as Dust by Paul Worthington and Dust to Blood by Tonya Cannariato.

Why drive across town to go to a haunted house, when you can curl up at night with a good paranormal book endorsed by Compulsion Reads?

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  1. James Lackie says:

    My sister loves these kinds of books and with Christmas coming up, a few new books might be the perfect gift. You all should check out “The Children of Gavrilek” by Julie Kirtón Chandler. I bought it for her birthday a few months back and she really liked it. Thanks for the book ideas.

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